What is a Video Portrait?



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Simply stated, a video portrait is a portion of a life, or a group activity over a short period of time. This could be a family vacation, an anniversary party, or even a day in the life of a person  or family. Video portraits show real life, uninterrupted.

Video portraits can combine still photographs, home video, music, narration, animations, and a variety of of other medium into a unique composition which can be viewed on the internet, on a custom printed DVD, or perhaps even on a digital photo frame.


Photo albums are great, but they are in most cases rarely seen, and when they are examined, many of the pictures held within the pages, are deteriorating cracked, torn, or otherwise damaged. Moreover, while the pictures do tell a story of sorts, they cannot convey the story behind why the picture was taken, and if they are old photos, many times the owners know little if anything about the subjects.


Muskegon Video Productions can use these photos, digitize them then use our special effects techniques to make them pan, zoom, or take them apart to add very special three- dimensional effects to them and breathe new life into what was once a dull experience.


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In Stanton Family Vacation above, We incorporated video footage shot with multiple devices including cellular phones, video cameras, and DSLR type cameras that also shoot video.  We  combined the video with still photographs taken during the trip, and incorporated animation, music provided by the client, and special effects throughout the video.

"Forever Young" is composed of nothing but still images that we were given permission to use from a family on Facebook. Some of the pictures use pan and zoom effects, while others have been digitally broken, and layered for a three-dimensional look.