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What is a Video Memorial?

A Memorial, or tribute video highlights the life of the loved one who has passed. Memorial videos are designed to bring about memories of the subject, and give comfort to family and friends in their time of grief.


Typically, these are photographs of the loved one in their prime, set against a scenic motion background reflecting what the family believes the subject would enjoy in real life, such as a time lapse of a sunset over Lake Michigan, water gently flowing along a stream, or over a waterfall, or even white puffy clouds flying by overhead.


Many times these types of videos are put together under strict time constraints, and are given priority over any other projects to accommodate the needs of the family for the funeral service.

Here is a sample of a memorial I completed for my own father who passed in 2012. Since I created it, it has brought comfort to not only myself, but for the whole family who still grieves over our loss.

It is my wish that Muskegon Video Productions can help you with your loss in the same way.

Muskegon Video Productions did not create this Memorial video,but we are presenting it here as a sample of what we could do for you.