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Video Biographies



Your memories, your history are important



Why should you consider video?

Almost everybody has an old photo album stuck on a shelf, or placed in storage collecting dust, and slowly degrading with every hour that passes. Memories, like old photographs fade with time. Eventually, these important historical accounts will be lost in the shuffle, and forgotten. Muskegon Video Productions can breathe new life into those memories, providing an entertaining, and educational view of the stories they tell to the young and old alike.


They say pictures say a thousand words, and if that is true, then video has the ability to sing.  Pictures can tell you so much about your family history, but without somebody who was actually there, we can never truly know the stories behind the scenes.

Muskegon Video Productions can help bridge the gap between the young and old. Through personal interviews, your loved ones, and all your future generations can listen to you first hand tell them of your family history. They will be able to bear witness to these stories as the person being immortalized changes their vocal tone, they will see the change in facial expressions, hear the fluctuations in their voice as they recount the struggles from which they persevered.


Our service can provide you with more than just a slide show. We can incorporate your old family films, video, photographs, narration, animation, music, and more to create an astounding presentation that will be cherished for decades to come.


Don't allow your memories to fade away; Contact Muskegon Video Productions right away!

"The thing about death is that you can't remember what a person sounded like. You forget all the little things that you once knew. The sound they made when they opened up the front door, they way they walked, the way they laughed. All you can do is learn the lessons of those who came before you. Their stories, their mistakes, and their successes."


- Anderson Cooper, CNN, October 2014

"One of my biggest regrets is that I didn't get my fathers life story before he died."

-Michelle Pfeiffer, Parade Magazine, May 5, 2012

You have given your children just about everything you can give; your valuable time, and your

unwavering love. The only thing left to give is your story, and that could be the best gift of all

Your memories, your history are important


How much does this cost?

There are too many factors involved to give a standard package price for every individualized story that we preserve. Some people wish to include many clips from old film reels, or video tape. Some prefer to have special effects added to their photographs, added documents like marriage certificates, or military discharge papers which enhance the story they are telling. Still others just prefer something much simpler.

In short, we have no set price, or packages from which to choose. You can have as elaborate a project, or as simple as you wish,  Instead,we give our clients the opportunity to negotiate the fees associated with creating their unique recording.  In this way, both our clients and us believe we are getting a fair value in exchange.

Muskegon Video Productions understands that many of our clients cannot afford to pay the total in full before we begin our work, and so we offer three payment options: payment in full, monthly billing, and milestone billing; where the clients pay a percentage as the project reaches certain milestones.

Muskegon Video Productions is a veteran owned enterprise, Committed to serving those who serve our nation.

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Free VHP services to combat veterans!

Your memories, your history are important


About Muskegon Video Productions

South Albany High School, Albany, OR



I'm Robert Stanton, the owner and founder of Muskegon Video Productions.

Video has always been a fascination of mine, I just didn't realize it until late in life. In high school, a classmate and myself used the schools audio/ visual equipment to record a project for an assignment after school. We stayed until we finished the project thinking it had only been a few hours, but when we looked at the clock, it was well after midnight, The school had been locked up with us inside; our parents, and a few neighbors were out frantically looking for us. It was that incident that made me realize how interesting a career in video could be as a career choice.


Not heeding this sign from above, I chose to instead pursue a career in aviation, and enlisted in the United States Army. While stationed at my duty post in Fort Rucker, Alabama, and during an all too brief weekend pass, I found a rental center, where I rented a VHS camera, and proceeded to record a brief documentary of life in the 222nd Aviation Regiment, 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault). The video was rough, and shaky, and full of block letter titles and transitions that weren't necessary, but it looked neat, and I was not a video professional yet.


Again, a sign was pointing me towards a different path, but  I again chose to ignore it, favoring instead my passion for flight. Without a college degree, I was unable to fly for the military, and when my enlisted was over, I moved to West Michigan and began classes that would at least get me started in an aviation career. It was quite expensive, and a long process, but I did eventually get my wings. Unfortunately, just as my education was getting me closer, and closer to a paying job as a pilot, the events of September 11, 2001 happened, and I found my dreams shattered just as so many other lives were on that day. The next best thing to flying across the country, was driving though it, so I began a career in the transportation industry as an over the road truck driver. As one might imagine, I had plenty of time during my mandated breaks to re-examine my life experiences. I again began recording video, only this time, I also began learning how to edit the footage into cohesive stories.

Realizing that my life had always been about serving others, I thought about how I might serve while doing a job I was passionate about. I continued driving, and learning as much as I could during my off duty hours, and finally came to the conclusion that I could serve Christ, as well as others, while doing something about which I am so passionate.


Today, I still drive a truck over the road, but now I have much more time at home to spend learning new techniques, and building the framework for a company I named Muskegon Video Productions, an endeavor that I hope will serve a greater purpose than just myself.

Posing in front of an Apache Attack Helicopter

Your memories, your history are important


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